Fix Yahoo Redirect Virus

Fix Redirect Virus

Apparently there is some sort of virus, Google leads AndYahoo (also Bing) result search redirected links are independent websites or spam sites. I did a full scan with Kaspersky Internet security, and Windows Defender, which currently updated the database had, but the problem is not recognized. I have the same problem with BothInternet Explorer 7 (XP with all security updates), and Firefox. The symptom is that when you a Google search on OrYahoo and then click one of the results, go to a page that is specified in the link, typically a page on a other website topic or spam. Other people have the same problems in several blogs, but delete not the solution. How can I search and remove this virus? Help, please. Thank you very much!. Thanks for the advice, but none has worked so far. For the follow-up, FYI, here is what he said to support Kaspersky: executed in so-called is a ' poisoned search. It is outside the control of anti-virus software, as it is encoding on Web pages. Google and Yahoo are working to reduce and eliminate these problems, but for the moment, this is a sensitive issue. You can try to repair or reinstall Internet Explorer and Firefox to see if there is an addon/plugin kind caused the redirection. To test I found, how I access my pages from search engines - can, but if you type the address - and check the source code in my pages and found code redirect there. So far I have many files and then uninstall IE7 and Firefox (after doing some scans with Kaspersky and Windows Defender), clears the contents of the run the / directory, delete the error cache and the registry with CCleaner. Then I downloaded and installed IE8; as part of the installation process Microsoft has scanned my system fix yahoo redirect virus anti-malware and no reported problems. These efforts are in vain, however, as redirection problem persists in Bing, Google and Yahoo. In particular, media such as OnOneWeb or ShoppingSteps or any other independent site sent me to a spam site moderated by Murple. If you ignore the problem, harm my system put me in danger or just nuisance, the proper investigation prevented? If it is severe, it is my hard drive clean and install everything from scratch on my only option? AT & T Internet support says that it is the only that can help you. Thank you very much. .